Saturday, 26 April 2014

Le Blanc

After reviewing a few shows that went on for London Fashion week SS14 it was obvious White was going to be the color of the season. however it was only up until last week when I walked into  Topshop in Oxford Circus did I notice the color more than ever when I was welcomed with a white blanket of clothes. From shoes to coats to handbags the whole down stairs floor in Topshop had a cleansing feel to it, and it was only then I realised how much I never wore it. I think people are afraid of the color white, for the obvious reasons, but if your careful about how you wear it and where you wear it.. it can really work in your favor.
Dior (above) portrayed an impressive amount of white on the catwalk, merging the sports trend successfully. Masculine shapes were seen alot on the models, creating a more dominant shape for woman in general.

 White shoes- came to a surprise to us all, as I had never really of thought to go out and buy a pair of white shoes or sandals, however Stella McCartney changed this. Its actually taken retailers surprisingly long to catch up with this love for the white chunky brogue that Stella so kindly introduced us too. As you may have seen on my wish list (tab at the top of the page) these are new to my bucket list. I've seen plenty of copies but none stolen my heart like these did.
While I was in  Topshop I stumbled across an amazing long white blazer jacket for £75 and although steep in price, the first time I wore it to work I had about 7 commuters ask me where it was from it was a head turner for sure. I will feature this coat in my next blog post (but unfortunately its sold out!). Another way to incorporate white into your outfit is to wear white a pair of white socks with sandals, however frowned upon over the years this look has been, its now proving quiet popular. So there you have it, the only color not found in the rainbow, and everyone seems to be yearning for it. Enjoy x

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Le Vintage Craze

Vintage this Vintage that..but how much of what we actually buy is a one of a kind? I'm a firm believer in finding true vintage pieces by going for a good rummage in a dingy basement in Brick Lane, however companies such as ASOS now do their own 'reclaimed/renewal' ranges, where the buyers source out classic vintage pieces from around the world and copy them to make multiple copies, and although I still enjoy the range and still buy it, I think its much more rewarding going into a vintage store yourself and find a good bargain, the whole fun of vintage shopping is to haggle the price down to next to nothing anyway! I was Vintage shopping recently and discovered one of my favourite dresses I paid £40 for online but found it in a Vintage shop in London, the cut and pattern was identical and the retailer (who shall not be mentioned!) had simply copied the dress and sold it online for full price, and to my dismay it was only £10 in the shop I found it in, I felt deceived but hey life goes on eh.
So to contradict myself, I purchased a Vintage reclaimed crop top from ASOS not so long ago and was unsure how to wear it, I paired it with my Mesh dress from Urban, my chunky boot from TK Maxx and a simple red leather cross bag,

 Yours Sincerely .. x
Crop Top-ASOS Reclaimed Vintage its on sale for £10 go check it out by clicking on the link
Shoes-TK Maxx
Dress- Take a wild guess?
Bag- Vintage

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Le 90's Bomber Jacket

So I discovered this beaut of a jacket at work, it was a vintage piece bought in for development, I was eyeing it up for weeks, and finally gave it a home. the 90's floral diamond print on it caught my eye instantly and it quickly became my next favourite piece in my wardrobe (along side my vintage embellished bomber jacket from ASOS I posted months ago on my blog when I first started, go have a look!). I paired the jacket with my Minkpink powder blue midi skirt, if you haven't heard of Minkpink please go check them  out they have some amazing stuff! and are quickly becoming one of my favorite brands (I'm looking to post about my favourite brands soon and where I shop so keep posted) . As we settle into Spring Summer 14 I think were going to be seeing a lot  of feminine shapes, i.e midi skirts, florals, lace, white fabrics and 90's influences so I'm slowly filling out my wardrobe with Midi dresses/skirts for when the sun comes out to play. The pointed heels, although delicate complete the outfit, and I'm not ashamed to admit they were a Primark buy for £10, a black pair of heels always travels a long way in a womans life. The Lace Brallet was from Urban Outfitters, years back, but they still do some beautiful lingerie pieces and brallets so have a look on the website for more.

Bomber Jacket- Vintage piece
Brallet-Urban Outfitters
Midi Skirt-Minkpink 

Enjoy x

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Le Mom Jean

Hello Hello, so after two dreadful months of being flooded at my home in Marlow and not being able to blog I am finally back on track and will be regularly posting outfits, so watch this space.
Truly never thought I would see myself in Mom jeans I'll be honest, but I caved and tried some on shopping and they don't all look half as bad as I imagined! I bought a pair from Miss Guided (click the link to see the jeans) and for £24.99 I think I walked away with a bargain. I.paired the jeans with an online exclusive backless Boho top from Urban Outfitters and a Brand new pair of chunky boots with lace socks from Asos, I have a small obsession with delicate lace socks and sandals at the moment and I can see it getting progressively worse as Summer approaches. The Chain Necklace is also from Urban (I cant get enough of the discount can I). So enjoy and have a good weekend kids! X

Shoes and Top and Necklace-Urban Outfitters

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Le Vintage Floral Slip Dress

Hey Stranger..its 2014 and I'm back! so I thought it would be appropriate to post about this Vintage lingerie dress I found in a Vintage store in Ibiza Town during my season in 2013. I'm always precautious about where to wear this cute number. But as Winter draws to a close and Spring introduces Forals and slip dresses  from the catwalk, I thought what a perfect time to post. I paired this delicate dress with my harsh chunky boot from TK Maxx the two marry together well I think and perfect with a denim jacket. The chain belt is from ZARA. In bit ..X

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Le One And Only Bag- Etui

Merry Christmas!! So this is my last post before Christmas, got this dress for a bargain in the ASOS sale for £20 (whats new?) paired it with my Vagabond chunky boots and my new Bag from 'Etui'. I discovered Etui on one of my window shopping adventures before I was working, they have concessions in Topshop, Soho and Covent Garden. I met the owner who told me he hand designs and makes each individual bag, and he never makes the same bag twice so each bag is unique. So quiet quickly I found myself mooching round his concession frequently until I caved and purchased one of these stunning bags, I wish they had a website but they don't trade online, but I will definitely be featuring more of them in my blog!

Have a Good Christmas and a Happy new year! love x

Bag- Etui
Dress- ASOS
Shoes- Vagabond

Monday, 23 December 2013

Le little things in life

So I'm sinking into my twenties now and it only took me two decades to realize that life is really all about the small things, forget the luxury cars and the expensive holidays. The memories that stay vivid in my mind are the spontaneous nights out or having all day to rummage through a good vintage store or going for a coffee and a 'Pink Berry' with friends, if you don't know what a pink berry is go to London and have one is my advise...words cannot describe.(photo below Pinkberry)

whilst I was living the life of the unemployed and being painfully skint, I took it upon myself to go window shopping, even though I didn't have a penny to to spend. I viewed things in a different light and started to appreciate things I didn't before. So before 2013 draws to a close, I thought Id post a few of my favorite moments this year, and remember enjoy Le little things in life! 

My 21'st Birthday cake my best friend Lucy surprised me with from Marks and Spencers

Pancakes me and my friend made on a Sunday morning, NOM.
My first house when I moved to London!

Ocean Beach club Ibiza <3

Dancing for Pukka Up boat party in Ibiza and watching the Sunset every night!

Vintage Store in Camden